What is Hyperinflation?

This happens when any currency is not “backed” by gold: RON, Euro, Pound, Dollar, etc.

“Backed by gold” means that you should be able to go into any genuine bank and request the value of the gold promised on the currency note you proffer. In 1920 you could have asked for an ounce (approx. 30 gms) of gold by proffering a 5 pound note to the bank. In those days that was $20.

If for any reason the government announces that the currency will not be backed by gold any more then the currency becomes a FIAT currency which means it is only legal tender because the government says it is. This is when confidence in the currency begins to be lost and inflation begins. After a while this becomes hyperinflation and the currency rapidly loses any value it had. In other words it becomes worthless. How long this takes can vary because it depends on how aware the people are that the announcement has been made and also what exactly it means.

You see when the gold is taken away from the dollar this means that the government can print as many dollars as they like. When they do so – that is when Hyperinflation really begins as it did here in Romania in 1990. Everybody lost confidence in the Lei and prices went up rapidly for the next 10 years or so. When I first got here in 1991, I could get 84 Lei for one British pound (gbp). When the IMF and the EU so kindly stepped in about 10 years later it had got to 50,000 Lei to the gbp. That is when they created the RON (ROmanian New lei) which we still have today - for the moment!!!

Now if you have followed this story as I hope you have, you will be getting an idea of what is meant by hyperinflation. I was here (as I still am) in Romania to learn all this as they say: “the HARD way”.

Please read about the Weimar Republic in Germany after the First World War when Hyperinflation went wild. It went from 12 Reich marks to the dollar to 50 trillion Reich marks to the dollar a few years later. This led to riots, starvation and deaths in Germany! That is how Adolf Hitler took power through Fascism and then he created the Nazis and we all know what happened next! (Read “Fascism – A Warning” by Madeleine Albright a distinguished diplomat, NYT best seller. Madeleine was born in Czechoslovakia in 1937, one year before me.)

If it doesn't have gold behind it then it is worth NOTHING

Now many different circumstances have led to hyperinflation in history but basically the reason that Fiat is created and then abused by the government, it is always the same. The government steals the gold from the vaults because they try to convince us that it is not needed any more. They steal it when they have to pay for a war in most cases or when they feel they must invade someone else’s Fatherland for profit. The land is even more valuable than the gold they have used up of course. They often steal that Fatherland by just walking in and taking it, but it can also be done by an international treaty as some kind of reparations after a war when they create new ‘nation states’. But the treaty settlers often don’t know what a Fatherland is. However this is a crime and blatant corruption at its worst. Stealing Fatherlands is not Civilised, it’s Barbaric. ‘Game of Thrones’ stuff! Think of the straight line borders on the African map or even the USA. I often wondered about those when I did Geography as a boy in school. Back in history in the USA this crime was punishable by execution. However any empire eventually collapses because of this kind of corruption and the government with it, whilst many of the country’s own people are ruined….or worse!

We are facing the demise of the nation states now, and guess what is helping? Crypto currencies! I traveled to Italy recently through four different countries but we only crossed one border and that was a recently combined double border out of Romania.

The Law of History: The value of FIAT money will ALWAYS go to zero.

Have you noticed it is not the value of the gold which rises but the dollar which is going down?

How can I protect myself and my family from this inevitable crash coming soon?

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Annex 2. A blog from “War is a Racket.

Read how they did this 8,000 years ago

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